Last revised as of: March 12, 2015

  AquaTox Research, Inc. is a customer focused, cost-effective provider of toxicity testing services based in Central New York. We are dedicated to providing a superior level of quality and accuracy in environmental information. As an environmentally conscientious company, we understand the needs of the environment and we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and professionalism.

Dr. Frank Doherty, President of AquaTox Research, is pleased to announce the expansion of its testing services to include acute and chronic effluent and chemical toxicity tests with the saltwater sheepshead minnow and invertebrate mysids. "ARI is actively seeking to broaden both the scope of its services and its client base in order to promote the growth of the company" said Dr. Doherty. He also indicated that other testing services are currently undergoing in-house evaluation and validation and hopes to make further similar announcements within the next year.

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